The vision of the Bird & Dog  is to give outstanding student writers at American Public University System a chance to share and show off their work. We want to highlight our best writers. Faculty are encouraged to suggest their best writers submit their work and are also encouraged to submit student work (with the student’s permission).

Students who would like to be part of the American Public University System Student Magazine review board should write to faculty adviser, Terri Perez, for more information.

Submission Guidelines

We encourage submissions from all American Public University System students in the form of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Submissions will be reviewed anonymously by a board of students and their faculty adviser. Authors will retain the copyright on their work so that they may publish in multiple publications.

  • Entire piece should be less than 15 pages.
  • Writings must be done in English.

Submissions should be sent via email to Terri Perez- APUS.BirdandDog@gmail.com

Submission Details

  • Include a coversheet with your name, title of work, email/contact info, and APUS affiliation. Include a short bio. This can be a few sentences about your major, your hobbies, and/or your process writing the piece you submitted.
  • DO NOT include your name anywhere else in the piece. This will facilitate our anonymous review process.
  • Please use standard fonts and formats, and number your pages
  • Include the name of your piece in the name of your file (e.g. my_title_is_this.doc).
  • Although MS Word format is preferred, you may also submit in pdf format, but if your piece is accepted for publication, we will request that you send us a .doc or .rtf version of your writing.